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Different Locations in “The Stone Buildıng and The Others” by Aslı Erdoğan

Abstract: Aslı Erdoğan in her stories under the the storybook “Stone Building And The Others” presents the concept of conciousness and depths of subconciousness by benefiting from the locations, the prominent elements of literary works. Pains, wounds and loneliness of the heroes in the stories are sheltered in the stone building that is used as a metaphor to strenghen the fiction. The “stone building” with its real and imaginative dimension helps us evaluate the personality traits and moods of the heroes in the stories. The author, in “The Stone Building and the Others”, makes use of other metaphorical elements like “forests/jungle”, “abyss”, “river”, and “wall” that remind us of violence and death and that reinforce the diction in an impressive manner.

Keywords: Location, Stone building , Conciousness, subconciousness

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